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look at her, a prisoner of a gutter, condemned by every syllable she utters;

22 December
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i am addicted to Halo & Dr. Pepper.
i wear my Livestrong on my ankle.
i never wear matching socks.
i dress hobo-esque.
i am cheap as hell.
i have a train of thought that usually leaves the station without me.
my sense of humor is vulgar.
my closest friends tend to be guys.
i love skullz & guns.
i am obsessed with big words.
i'm fucking l33t, d00d.
i am artsy.
i have hit burnout a longass time ago.
i rarely have control over my mouth.
i love NYC.
i want to be a pirate.
i am an atheist.
i find Hitler documentaries, the French Revolution, and political dissent fascinating.
i wanted to be a Boy Scout. no joke.
i read Roald Dahl short stories, nonfiction murders, Shakespeare tragedies, and Plato.
i'm a flounder & i eat bears.